21 Tema Windows 7 keren

01-Frost Aero by Minhtrimatrix (download)
A clean and elegant theme for Windows 7, Frost features 2 sub themes (with & without Search Box). Please choose the correct theme to match with task bar Positions.

deviant art windows 7 skins

02-Dark Pearl VS 1.1 (download)
This version features fixed notification area backgrounds, fixed taskbar jump list background, etc. Tested on Windows 7 x86 only, but works on x64 as well. Only Aero version for now.

Tautandark background windows 7 skins

03-Win 7 Blend (download)
This visual style is compatible with Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 (x86 and x64). This Windows 7 theme was created using Photoshop CS4, Restorator 2007, GIMP, and Window Style Builder.

pastel color windows 7 skins

04-Placebo Visual Style (download)
Six Styles in all in this set (the preview only shows 2 styles), this visual style is intended for Windows 7. It’s tested and working on both 32 and 64-bit versions and has been updated for SP1. Read the Read Me file included in the download folder for a complete installation guide.

beautiful windows 7 skins

05-Elune by Minhtrimatrix (download)
A very high quality and clean theme, Elune is a Visual theme intended for Windows 7. A complete installation guide is available from Deviantart page of the author. Follow the link below for more information.

simple minimal windows 7 skins

06-QMac-2.5-Black and Gray Final
This is the QMac-2.5 Win7 final release for Microsoft Windows 7.

apple mac windows 7 skins

This theme includes midnight Visual Style, start Orbs, shell32 images for control panel, desktop gadgets (Customized by Sergio Garcia of SG9 Designs).

dark windows 7 skins

08-Glass Onion for W7 by SolMiler
This s a visual style intended for Windows 7 Build x86 and x64. It includes two styles, called Dusk and Dawn.

visually appealing  windows 7 skins

09-Clean Green

clean green windows 7 skins

10-Leo’s Revenge Aero by Minhtrimatrix
Includes 2 version for task bar: Aero and Solid. Choose right version for task bar positions.

simple minimal windows 7 skins

11-Dynamic Black
A black/dark visual style for windows 7.

black visual style for windows 7

12-Dark Soft by RajTheeban95

black windows 7 skins

13-QMac-2.5 Black and Gray
This is QMac-2.5 Win7 final release for windows 7.

mac style windows 7 skins

14-Dark Agility (Download)
Dark Agility is the most customized Visual Style for Windows 7 RTM. A blue versioni s also available just in case you do not like dark themes.

dark background windows 7 skins

15-Red Ice VS

red windows 7 skins

16-Dark Soft
The theme is now available in 2 big versions: Rounded (as in the screenshot) and squared (for big or little icons mode for the task bar).

soft dark windows 7 skins

17-Purple dream Plus

floral themed windows 7 skins

18-Zune Collection for Win7
A Zune-inspired theme for Windows 7, this visual style is also available in black alternative.

zune-inspired windows 7 skins

19-Silver Theme

silver themed windows 7 skins

20-Elegant Glass

glass effect windows 7 skins


sony inspired windows 7 skins


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